Welcome to the wolfpack gallery! The place doesn't look like much yet since I still have to upload a majority of the cels I own but rest assured, you will be dazzled soon enough! Or so I hope.

Little info about me? Ok, well I got into cel collecting about 10 years ago when I purchased my first sericel at a Disney store. Yes, a Disney store. Not one of my finest moments, but I was young and inexperienced. Sufficive to say, from then on, I was hooked on a fun but expensive hobby and I think I have a good sense for quality animation art by now. I have some stuff that I hope you'll all enjoy and I will continue to add to this gallery as often as I can.

News & Updates

5/23/2008I've acquired some beautiful production cels from Don Bluth's original All Dogs Go To Heaven. Have a look!
3/3/2008Finished updating the All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 section...for now. Also added an Employee Cel of Simba and Nala from The Lion King.
3/2/2008In process of updating my ADGTH2 area. Still lots of images left to upload. Stay tuned!
6/12/2006The Wolfpack Cel Gallery now open.

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Title Last Updated
All Dogs Go To Heaven 9/19/2010
All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 3/3/2008
Gallery Section 9/19/2010
Gallery Section 9/19/2010
Sonic The Hedgehog (SatAM) 6/25/2006
The Lion King 9/19/2010

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